3 Best Tools to Recover Deleted Data on Windows PC

Sep 29 2014

We usually assume that stored data on our PCs hard drives will remain forever, but the reality is different some time we unintentionally while not compensating attentiveness for a moment while doing something on computers delete some data, which could be in any format accidentally and regret later.

Furthermore, sometimes there’s a software bug or virus assault can corrupt your hard drive or running windows, as a result you loss files, folders, perhaps even an entire partition of your precious data.

So as remedy of this misfortune, there are some tools available to recover your deleted data from Windows PC. Here we will guide you how to Undelete files you believed were deleted eternally with any of these below discussed data recovery tools. 

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is one of the finest free for all Data Recovery software that is developed to tackle deleted data trouble. The program is equipped to retrieve lost data from your Windows PC hard drive or Windows Laptop hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, Memory card, and other storage media additionally from mobile phones, went because of deleting, formatting, software crash, hard drive damage, virus attacking, partition loss or due to other mysterious reasons. Just follow three steps, launch program after download and install, scan your device, then do preview and recovery & get back anything you lost from your storage.

The program offers easy to use interface with safety, and its powerful preview and search option allows you to filter your search and have preview details of the files you want to recover or not. Furthermore, EaseUS data recovery software presents two advanced scanning types, quick scan will benefit locate deleted files, and deep scan will support find formatted, unreachable or lost files.

Recuva Free

Recuva is one of the best data recovery software tool excitingly without any doubt. It’s strikingly stress-free to use at the same time outfitted with many advanced possible features too.

Recuva can easily regain files from PC or Laptop hard drives, exterior drives, and memory sticks. Recovering files with Recuva is as easy likewise deleting them. Recuva can reclaim files from Windows 8 & 8.1, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008/2003, and older Windows versions are also supported. There is also a 64-bit version Recuva available for high-end systems.

Its highly recommend effective tool that you find in the shape of Recuva, for recovering your lost data conveniently.


Undelete 360 is another magnificent data recovery tool for your erased from windows PC. It offers free version of a commercial product, and loaded with some vigorous deleted files recovery features like, file filtering, and previews before recovery. Programme also suggest you upgrade of features upon your click only.

One of the most lucrative option of the program is there are no limitations on the volume or size of the files you can regain. Also the program is very uncomplicated to use, just direct it at a drive, it will start scan for your deleted files, then you can sight specific file types in preview, by choosing files to recover you can complete the process.

So Undelete 360 is effectual to recover files that some other tools miss, therefore it’s certainly appeal installation.

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Best Malware Removal Tools in 2014

Sep 25 2014

Irritated by low performance of your PC? Or facing errors in system frequently? Now its time to make your PC Malware-free, errors-free and to enhance its performance by using various tools available in the market. Here are top 5 best Malware removal tools introduced in 2014 for the users of PC for this purpose.

Best Malware Removal Tools in 2014

Windows Clear

Windows Clear makes your personal data secure and expands virtual memory. It boosts system startup and increases the speed by cleaning unwanted files and by fixing the issues occurring in your Windows. Undoubtedly it is the best protection shield for your data if there is an attack of hidden malware on your system while you are downloading something. It has compatibility with all versions of Windows. Some users will be irritated by the startup problems and some will be disturbed due to the delay in shut down issues. If you are one of them, it is specifically for your system.

Download it from here.

IObit Malware Fighter 2 PRO

IObit Malware Fighter 2 PRO builds perfect protection shell around your system. It removes every type of malicious threats to your files and updates your Database automatically without interrupting your work. You do not need to run it for scan. Its scanning is scheduled and automated and it automatically scans your system on its scheduled times. The scanning process does not affect the speed of your PC.

Download it from here.

STOPzilla AntiMalware

Another outstanding malware removal tool that is specifically for the users who are bothered by malicious hidden annoying and other threats to their system. If you are concerned with a user-friendly and highly effective protection tool against Malware, you would surely prefer STOPzilla AntiMalware tool. It is fully compatible with all versions of Windows. You can run it jointly with any Antimalware tool. If you have no intention of purchasing it, you can experience a 15 days free trial. It will satisfy you fully to buy this product for complete protection of your PC.

Click here to download it.

Stronghold Antivirus

It does not only protect your PC from hidden attacks of Malware, but also from powerful trackware, spyware, adware and viruses. No keylogger can harm your system if your system is under protection of Stronghold Antivirus. You just need to click once to give your personal data complete security. The one-click scan can kill all of the deep rooted pests in your PC. It is quite easy to use even for a layman.

Click here to Download.


An outstanding and matchless solution for all problems of your PC. It cleans your system by fixing the registry errors. No malware or virus can attack your system hiddenly if you are using UniOptimizer. It maximizes the speed of opening files, shutdown and startup by removing all issues. It promptly blocks harmful ActiveX and removes Junks from your system. If there are broken crosscuts and errors in Internet Explorer, it repairs them quickly. You can download it in 13 languages of the world.

Download it from here.

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How to Clean Junk from Android with Clean Master App

Sep 20 2014

Everyone has the tendency of installing software and applications that are simply, the rave of the season. Some of the applications are intended as a pun; some just fail to fill your requirements; while others are just converted into an obsolete item, saved on your device. Such applications are not only a burden on your mind, but they are also an affliction to the storage and performance capacity of your device. Thus, begins the exhausting task of cleaning up your device – the irksome chore of selecting every useless app and sending it to the trash can.

Clean Junk from Android with Clean Master App

Even when the applications have been deleted, they have a propensity of leaving residual data, which occupies space that can be utilized otherwise. To deliver the comfort of a better storage facility and a memory booster, an application by the name of “Clean Master”, was invented.

The application takes up only 6.8 MB space in a device, and is able to uninstall and remove much larger amounts of data. Opening the app, takes the user to the fundamental page, which outlines the current memory status; both SD card memory and the device’s memory. It shows the used space and the free space, along with the quantity of memory cleared by the Clean Master on that particular date.

Below this basic information, the page is divided into four compartments, consisting of: Junk Files, Privacy, Memory Boost and App Manager.

Entering into the junk files sector, the top bar is divided into two sectors, Standard and Advanced. The Standard has files under the category of Cache, Residual files, Ads folders and obsolete apps, while the latter has files under the category of cache, residual files, temporary files and big files. By selecting some files or complete categories, and pressing the ‘clean, at the bottom, memory can be freed of useless data.

The privacy sector allows the user to access and delete any previous history regarding calls, social networks previously accessed pages, searches made through any search engine, emails and messages. Every item that is picked, takes the user to the concerned page, giving enough access to delete or save the chosen data. By re-scanning the device, any new or recently added app can also be retrieved through Clean Master.

Craving to boost your devices’ memory? The boost memory title allows the chance of enhancing the speed and performance of the device in a matter of minutes. Also, known as the”1Tap Boost”, the amazing feature is the perfect podium to enrich the RAM of the device by getting rid of all the useless clingy insects eating up your device’s memory.

Finally arrives, the App Manager. As the name suggests, the manager is given the responsibility of every application on the device. The App Manager, lists down every downloaded app that is available on the device. They can be selected and chosen to be uninstalled, rather than deleted. This action allows every residue file to be eradicated too. Through this very manager, backup for various applications can be created. In the same breath, backup for apps can be also deleted.

Clean Master is an efficient and fast path to get rid of any unwanted cache and residual files left by deleted apps, pictures or any files. It is also the structure that gives the opportunity to delete history and apps, at one platform; in one step. The very exasperating and boring task of erasing files and apps from the device has been simplified in such a dignified manner, that it is astounding. With the help of Clean Master, every Android user can bid farewell to unsolicited items and yes, to a highly boring chore.

Install this One now

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Seven Best Free Cloud Storage Android Apps for 2014

Sep 18 2014

There are a lot of online options for the users to store their images, videos and important documents for Android devices. Here, you will get the description of 7 best Cloud Storage apps for Android that are available without any cost for the users.

Seven Best Free Cloud Storage Android Apps for 2014

Best Free Cloud Storage Android Apps

Google Drive

If you are looking for a top ranking online storage place for your important stuff, you will definitely go in the favor of Google Drive. It provides you 15GB free storage space. You can view all of your stuff offline.

It offers you to read all of your office and PDF documents, scan and print them.


Dropbox is another free Cloud Storage app for Android users that enables you to store and view your documents, photos and videos from anywhere in the world. You can share your images with any of your relatives and friends.

If you want to save attachments in Dropbox directly, you can do it. All of your documents can be edited in Dropbox. Isn’t it amazing?

Microsoft OneDrive

This is formerly known as SkyDrive. It saves your time by uploading all of the pictures and documents automatically. You do not need to download various files one followed by the other while you are using OneDrive.

You can download all of your required files at the same time. You can sort out your folders and documents properly and can move them freely. It is quite easy to use. You can share and edit your documents and photos quite easily.

Cloud Mail.Ru

Cloud Mail.Ru is an amazing Cloud Storage app that is available absolutely free of cost for the users. If you want to get 100 GB free online space for storage of your images, videos, PDF files and documents, you would surely prefer Cloud Mail.Ru.

You can upload your photos by using your cell phone within a few minutes. Even that you can save your bandwidth by sending the link of any photo to all of your contacts by Email or instant message.

G Cloud Backup

The users who are fed up of using complicated apps should select G Cloud Backup that is quite easy to use. You can save every kind of data in it including your call logs, contacts, memorable pictures, videos, audio files and even your messages.

It gives you incredible backup for all of your important documents and stuff.


MEGA is what every user needs. It gives you 50 GB free space for the storage of your every kind of stuff, but you can access your data anytime from anywhere. You can share your valuable stuff with all of your loved ones and friends and can upload, stream, rename, delete, download and even store everything you desire.

Daum Cloud

Daum Cloud is the least known among all of the best free Cloud Storage apps, but it works wonderfully for storing, sharing and editing of your documents online. You get 50 GB free storage space and can organize your photos and videos into albums and can create different folders to place your documents properly. All of your desired files and documents can be exported to the social networking sites. If you want to lock your folders and files, the protection policy is here for you.

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How to Use Linked Notes in PowerPoint

Sep 15 2014

Linked Notes is a wonderful addition in MS Office 2013 that can be used for various tasks. You can use it for taking notes on One Note while you are going to join an important meeting. The ladies can use this application for taking their cooking notes and important beauty tips quickly whereas the youngsters can use this app for taking their study notes. This application works wonders for the users from every walk of life. In professional life you will see it has a greater use. Even if you are making presentation for an upcoming meeting, you would be able to use Linked Notes application while in PowerPoint as Microsoft has connected it with PowerPoint for your ease.

You just need to make a few clicks and you would be able to take all of the necessary notes on One Note and your work will be saved by default. Here, we are going to discuss a few steps by following which you would be able to use this option for a convenient meeting.

Step 1: Open PowerPoint and the presentation you want to use for taking notes. Now you will see all of the slides at the very left side of your presentation. First, you need to select the slide for which you want to take notes.

Step 2: Go to the Standard Bar and click “REVIEW” menu that will reveal its tools before you. Here you need to search for “Linked Notes” tool that can be found on the very right side of your window. Click on it to go ahead.

Step 3: Now One Note document appear on your screen where you can take notes according to your slides. If you are taking notes of first slide, it will appear as a header on your One Note document. The image below shows it the best.

Now while attending your meeting, you just need to click “Linked Notes” tool in “Review” menu and all of the notes you have taken earlier will appear in front of you. One more thing to mention is that when you take notes, you do not need to save your work. It will be saved by default.

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